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I’m a certified makeup artist who constantly strives for professional development and progress by attending various seminars and special masterclasses from world-renowned makeup artists in the beauty industry (Mario Dedivanovic, Julien Rol, Victoria Grossou, Hanadi Diab etc.) On-the-job-training and continuous research on the hottest trends, top-quality new products and artistry techniques are keys in becoming a successful makeup artist.

Makeup is my passion and by developing my skills and excelling at the art of makeup, I feel energized and inspired to follow my long-time dream of launching my own beauty line and opening a makeup school with respect to the art and its many incredible techniques. My favorite makeup looks are usually the bold, playful ones with lots of colour – of course, a classic, monochromatic look is one of my all-time favorites too. However, who doesn’t love a touch of colour to their everyday life?

I’ve been working professionaly since 2015, offering one-to-one makeup classes and seminars, providing the attendees with certificates of completion. You can find more information about the services by sending an email to info@giodreveli.gr.
I chose lashes to be my introduction into the beauty industry, since they are a key accessory for every look; be it natural or dramatic. Believe me, a simple base, a bold lipstick and a great pair of lashes are more than enough to create an impressive look that will steal the spotlight!

#1 A simple base

A few drops of foundation or a BB cream, a touch of blush or bronzer and you have the perfect canvas!

#2 A simple lipstick

Add a matte lipstick or a gloss, nude or bold, with or without lip pencil to accentuate your lips.

#3 Your lashes

Use your favorite pair of lashes to finish off the perfect look! Dramatic or natural, bold or lightweight, there is a pair of Gio Dreveli lashes to fit your every need!

Trust me, that’s all you need to create a mesmerizing look that will steal the spotlight!


Professional Make-up by Gio

Glam make-up, No make-up, Special Occasions & Events make-up, Bridal make-up and Everyday natural make-up.

Trust Gio’s experienced hands and you’ll be amazed by the result!